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    本單元有「教育ABC」 及「閱讀越懂閩客語」兩小單元,每周由專業的老師提供英語單字、造句及閩客語的字彙及文章,供讀者學習新語言。

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    After thousands of U.S. troops defending Hamid Karzai International Airport flew out in waves in one transport plane after another, the United States’ longest war ever ended in an unceremonious way. They left behind themselves the product of two decades and $83 billion investment in training and equipping an Afghan military and police forces that unfortunately collapsed because of poor leadership and dwindling American support. They also left all the arms and equipment needed to supply the victors---the Taliban---for years to come.



    With the Americans truly gone, there is a widespread anxiety about what the true shape of Taliban rule will be. Will they perpetuate the cycle of vengeance, as they did upon seizing power from feuding warlords in 1996? Or will they truly embrace the new path they promised recently? Fear also permeated the country on an unfixable economy, ruin and hunger as the government collapsed in chaotic haste. In the United States, historians and analysts will look back on the failed solutions and the misguided strategies in the past two decades, which led to the Taliban ending up back in control, more powerful than they were 20 years ago.

    隨著美軍全部撤離,大家開始擔心,塔利班統治真正的面貌到底如何? 塔利班會持續復仇的循環,就如1996年他們從一群爭鬥的軍閥中取得政權那樣? 還是會如他們最近所說的,開始走一個全新的道路? 原政府倉促逃離,混亂的局面讓人們擔心可能導致無法復甦的經濟、毀滅及飢餓。而在美國方面,歷史學家及分析專家將會回顧這場失敗的解決方案及錯誤的戰略,其結果居然讓塔利班重新掌權,而且比二十年前更為強大。




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