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    New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard finally got to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, making herself the first openly transgender female athlete to compete at the Olympics. It didn’t’ last long, but it was significant. Supporters of transgender athletes cheered her arrival. “This moment is incredibly significant for the trans community, for our representation in sport and for all trans people and nonbinary kids to see themselves and know that sport is a place for them,” said Chris Mosier, a openly transgender racewalker who competed in a U.S. Olympic trials in 2020.

    來自紐西蘭的舉重運動員Laurel Hubbard首次參加奧運女子重量級舉重比賽,她將成為首位參加奧運會的公開跨性別女性運動員。雖然在場上時間不久,但她參賽的意義卻十分重大。跨性別運動員的支持者歡呼她的到來。「對跨性別社群本身及其在運動表現上,Hubbard的參賽是一個難以置信的時刻! 讓性別認同無法被二元歸類的孩子認同自己,並知道運動場上有一個屬於他們位置。」Chris Mosier這麼說,他是一位公開跨性別者,曾在2020年參加美國競走項目的甄選。


    However, her participation in the Games aroused a huge debate among advocates for women’s sports and fair-sport campaigners. They questioned whether Hubbard, who had competed in men’s competitions in her 20s and resumed several years after her transition, has an unfair advantage over other women athletes. On the other hand, some believe the Games’ binary categories fail to account for a diverse group of athletes. It complicates matters that the rules of the sport allow teams in the Olympics to have only one entrant per weight class, having Habbard’s participation a distinct possibility to deprive other owmen a chance to compete.

    然而,Hubbard 的參賽,也在女性體育倡導者及公平體育運動人士之間引發不少議論。他們質疑Hubbard在年輕時曾參加過男子舉重比賽,退出後又在轉變性別後重新加入,這樣的過往是否讓她具有較女性運動員更多的優勢。另一方面,也有人認為奧運會對運動員性別二分法並未能考慮到運動員群體的多元性。此外,這項運動規定,奧運會代表隊的每個重量級別只允許有一名參賽者,這樣的狀況讓情況更為複雜。Hubbard的參賽意味著剝奪其他女性參賽的機會。


    “Of course, I’m not entirely unaware of the controversy which surrounds my participation in these Games…. I’d particularly like to thank the IOC for affirming their commitment to the principles of Olympism, and establishing that sport is something for all people. It is inclusive. It is accessible,” said Hubbard after existing the competition.




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