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    a general exodus 人口外流

    Closure of a Local Bookshop
    With parking facilities in the center of the town becoming more and more limited, more and more people are choosing to go out of town to do their shopping. Sadly, it appears that high street shopping is in danger of becoming past its sell-by date and something must be done quickly to ensure that there is not a general exodus of shop-owners from the high street. It would be extremely bad by the town to be left with whole rows of empty shops on its main street.

    • 片語: a general exodus 人口外流
    • 定義:refer to the movement of the majority of people from a room or a building 
    • 例句:
    1. Many people had arranged to leave work early in order to watch the football match and there was a general exodus from the office around four o’clock.
    2. There is not really a rush hour in the town, but there is a general exodus of commuters around six o’clock.


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