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    本單元有「教育ABC」 及「閱讀越懂閩客語」兩小單元,每周由專業的老師提供英語單字、造句及閩客語的字彙及文章,供讀者學習新語言。

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    As China’s attitude toward Hong Kong hardened over the past year, Jimmy Lai, the pugnacious founder of Apple Daily, anticipated that his paper’s days were numbered. In a guest essay for The Times last May, he wrote that he had long feared that the Communist Party “would grow tired not only of Hong Kong’s free press but also of its free people.”  With the paper’s closure looming, reporters of Apple Daily’s team of about 700 editorial and production staff have gathered and pondered whether to leave early to limit the risk of arrest, or stay on until the bitter ends. For them and other people in Hong Kong, the forced closure of Apply Daily signifies an end of an era.



    Apple Daily, known for its reports on celebrity gossip and lurid scandals, rambunctious support of pro-democracy protesters and lampooning of China’s Communist Party leadership with a decidedly antigovernment slant, announced on Wednesday that it was closing. In 2019 when antigovernment protests erupted in Hong Kong, posing unprecedented challenge to Beijing in decades, Apply Daily stood out and showed unabashed support for the democratic movement. However, when Beijing moved to quash resistance to its rule in this city, Apple Daily quickly became a key target. 



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