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    the thin end of the wedge 問題的開端、冰山的一角,之後的問題可能會擴大。

    Closure of a Local Bookshop
    At the same time, the cost of maintaining property in the town center is going up and up. Town center shops are facing a very uncertain future and I fear that several of them will soon be in the same position as we are today.
    Jim Park, a representative of the local chamber of commerce, agrees wholeheartedly with what Robert Morton said. “This is a sad day for the town,” he commented, “and it could well be the thin end of the wedge.
    當地董事會的代表Jim Park完全同意Robert Morton 的說法,這會是整個城鎮令人難過的一天,而且這可能只是問題的開端,冰山的一角

    • 片語: the thin end of the wedge 問題的開端、冰山的一角,之後的問題可能會擴大。(wedge楔子)
    • 定義:something which it itself not very important, but which could be the beginning of an important development or change which is undesirable or harmful.
    • 例句:
    • It has been announced by the council that all swimming pools and leisure facilities are to close half-an-hour earlier and people are worried that this is the thin end of the wedge and that more stringent cutbacks are planned for later.



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