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    the shape of things to come 未來的發展趨勢

    Closure of a Local Bookshop
    A few years ago we would have had no difficulty selling either the business or the building. Now, after many months, we have given up trying to find an owner for the business and the building is still on the market. There is simply no demand for commercial property in the center of town.
    I’m afraid that this will be the shape of things to come for the town. People prefer to shop at the shopping complexes out of town where there is plenty of parking space and where they get a large selection of goods in a relatively small area. 


    • 片語: the shape of things to come 未來的發展趨勢
    • 定義:something which shows how things are likely to be, or likely to develop in the future
    • 例句:
    1. Many jobs were lost when they introduced computerization into the company’s factories and this was the shape of things to come.
    2. There is a greater tendency for people to live alone now and it is thought that single-occupancy accommodation is the shape of things to come. 



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