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    A promotional strategy of a Japanese chain Sushiro sent Taiwanese people into an uncontrollable frenzy of changing names into “salmon” in mid March. The chain restaurant promised a free sushi meal to customers whose names included the characters “guiyu,” meaning salmon and provided a half-price meal for those whose names sounded similar to “salmon.” Dozens of people therefore flooded governemnt officecs to register a name change to qualify for a free sushi meal.

    日本知名壽司連鎖店壽司郎,日前推出促銷活動: 只要名字有鮭魚兩字,可免費用餐,若名字與鮭魚相近,可享五折用餐。此活動引發台灣一陣改名熱潮。不少人湧至戶政事戶所要求改名只為免費一餐。



    The craze has proved more of a hassle. The workload was added to officials at household registration offices because people changed their names back after having a meal.  Local media branded this craze “Salmon Chaos.” Taiwan’s Deputy Interior Minister Chen Tsung-yen urged the public to “cherish administrative resources” and reminded people that one can only change their name three times in a lifetime, explaining that two of those will be wasted if a person changed their name to “Salmon” and back.




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