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    Beijing announced that it would temporarily ban imports of pineapples from Taiwan from March 1, claiming that customs officials found pests in shipments from Taiwan, which may pose a serious threat to its agriculture and ecological security if not intercepted.


    snap up(片語)搶購

    In an act of political solidarity against China, consumers across Asia are snapping up Taiwanese pineapples, resonating with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-we’s call for support to the pineapple farmers. President Tsai launched a “pineapple challenge” on her social media pages to get Taiwanese to buy more of the fruit. “From Crisis comes turning points. In the face of each challenge Taiwan will not be defeated but will become even stronger,” she said.



    Local producers have already received orders from almost 48,000 tons since China announced the ban in late February, of which 10,500 are orders from overseas. Japan and Australia placed large orders for pineapples and wholesalers in Hong Kong also saw an up-tick from people purchasing pineapples from Taiwan. Taiwanese officials are confident that foreign consumers will continue to rally to their cause.




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