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    power outage(名詞)停電

    Texas has been faced with record-low temperatures this February. Roads are impassable and the state’s electric grid operator lost control of the power supply because of snow and ice. Millions of Texans have been doing without access to electricity for weeks. Across Texas, deaths related to the winter storm continued to mount this week because of freezing temperatures, widespread power outages and a scarcity of clean water. Taxas storm death toll won’t be known for weeks or months until the true magnitude is known.



    Sicne people lived for days in below-freezing temperatures amid power outages, there was an uptick in hypothermia, which is caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. When a person’s body loses more heat than it produces, the low body temperature will affect their brains and can lead to confusion, memory loss or death.


    carbon monoxide poisoning(名詞)一氧化碳中毒

    Also, public officials are issuing a warning about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning when people use indoor heating sources like charcoal barbecues and gas-powered generators to keep warm. If not used in a well-ventilated area, these machines can release carbon monoxide can be fatal in minutes.




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