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    Hobson’s choice 毫無選擇

    Closure of a Local Bookshop
    Book-lovers will be sad to hear that the owners of Morton’s, the well-known high street bookshop, have announced its closure. The family-owned bookshop has been selling its wares in the town for more than 50 years and it will be sorely missed.
    Mr. Robert Morton said last night, “We are having to close because of financial circumstances. It is Hobson’s choice. We have fought tooth and nail to keep the shop open, but our efforts have been unsuccessful. Now we have decided that enough is enough.
    Robert Morton昨晚宣布「因為一些經營上的問題,我們不得不宣布關閉。我們真的是毫無選擇了。其實我們已經竭盡所能的想要保住這家店,但是這些努力宣告失敗。最後我們決定,真的是夠了。」

    • 片語: Hobson’s choice 毫無選擇
    • 定義:no choice at all, since the only choice offered is taking what you are offered or getting nothing at all.
    • 例句:
    • That baker’s shop was recommended to us as having a wonderful range of bread to choose from, but we arrived very late in the day and it was Hobson’s choice; they had only one loaf left.


    • Jim and Liz were discussing how best to get to the town without a car, but it was Hobson’s choice; there was no train service and only one bus a day.




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