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    indictment sheet(名詞)起訴書

    Zhang Zhan, a 37-year-old Chinese citizen journalist covering Wuhan’s coronavirus outbreak, is now facing up to four years in jail. The indictment sheet alleges that she sent “false information through text, video and other media through WeChat, Twitter and YouTube.” She is also accused of “maliciously spreading” information about the virus in Wuhan. Detained in May and having been on hunger strike for several months, she is now physically weak, according to one of her lawyers Ren Quanniu.



    Before her arrest, she said in a video interview with an independent filmmaker that she decided to travel to Wuhan reporting after an online post by a local resident during the outbreak. She then began documenting what she saw on the streets and hospitals in livestreams, and her reports were widely shared on social media. Her reports also covered the detention of other independent journalists and the harassment of families of victims who were seeking accountability. It seems that “the Chinese government is very determined to silence her and intimidate other citizens who tried to expose what happened in Wuhan,” said Leo Lan, a research and advocacy consultant at the CHRD (Chinese Human Rights Defenders).




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