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    pancreas cancer(名詞)胰腺癌

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last Friday of complications of metastatic pancreas cancer at the age of 87. She was the pioneering Supreme Court Justice who became the second female on the US highest court. As the leader of its liberal wing, she was most known for delivering progressive votes on social issues like abortion rights, same-sex marriage, voting rights, immigration and health care. “Our Nation has lost a jurist of historic stature,” said Chief Justice John Roberts.


    the Supreme Court(名詞)最高法院

    Tiny in stature, she could write opinions that roared disapproval when she thought the majority had gone astray. Though Ginsburg had suffered from five bouts of cancer, she tried to keep herself busy and led a routine life. She once told an audience that she thought she could serve the Court as long as she could do the job full steam. At the Supreme Court, she was best known for the opinion she wrote in United Sates v. Virginia, in which she wrote that the all-male admissions policy at the state funded Virginia Military Institute was unconstitutional for its ban on women applicants. "The constitutional violation in this case is the categorical exclusion of women from an extraordinary educational opportunity afforded men," she wrote in 1996.

    大法官金斯伯格身形瘦小,僅五英尺高,但異常堅強,總為不平發出正義之聲。雖然歷經五次癌症,她仍試圖保持忙碌並過著規律生活。她曾經說過,只要還能全力以赴,就會繼續擔任最高法院的法官。在擔任大法官期間,最為人注意的是在1996年支持維吉尼亞軍事學校招收女性學生。在合眾國訴維吉尼亞州案(United States v. Virginia)中,她大膽對抗了維吉尼亞軍校創校以來只收男性學生的傳統,宣告這樣的政策違憲。她在1996年意見書中解釋校方違反憲法中的平等保護條款:「國家既承諾平等保護,對合格及有意報考的女性,不可次等待之。」


    "It makes absolute sense that Justice Ginsburg has become an idol for younger generations," Justice Elena Kagan said at an event in 2014. "Her impact on America and American law has been extraordinary." "As a litigator and then as a judge, she changed the face of American anti-discrimination law," Kagan said. "She can take credit for making the law of this country work for women and in doing so she made possible my own career."

    大法官凱根(Elena Kagan)2014年在一場活動中說道:「金斯伯格之所以能成為年輕世代的偶像絕對是有道理的。」「她對於美國與美國法律的影響非凡,從一名律師到法官,她改變了美國反歧視法律的面貌。」「是她促使這個國家的法律為女性服務,也讓我的職涯成為可能,她值得獲得讚譽。」



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