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    Dubbed as “Father of Taiwan’s democracy”, former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui died last Thursday in Taipei at the ripe age of 97. During his time in office as president from 1988 to 2000, he got rid of laws that hindered democratic development, overhauled the legislature, and led constitutional changes towards a more democratic political layout, including direct presidential elections.

    被譽為台灣民主先生的前總統 李登輝先生上周四在台北病逝,享耆壽97歲。在1998年到2000年他主政的12年期間,他消除了阻礙民主發展的威權體制,透過6次修憲完成不流血的寧靜革命,帶領台灣從威權體制轉型成為民主國家,還促成了總統直接民選。


    Though credited with pushing to end autocratic rule in favor of democracy, he was deemed a controversial figure in attempting to delink Taiwan from China. He intentionally pursued an ambiguous policy with mainland China shifting between rigid hostility, tentative conciliation and defiant independence; however, his attempts to demonstrate Taiwan’s international sovereignty sometimes provoked Beijing into explosive military exercises. One such episode occurred when he implied that relations between Taiwan and China should be conducted on a “special state-to-state” basis in a German television interview in 1999.

    雖然帶領台灣從威權體制過渡到民主有功,他對台灣主權的主張,也使得他成為許多人眼中的爭議人物,在兩岸關係上尚處封閉的時刻,李前總統對中國刻意採取模稜兩可的政策,有時對立、有時試探和解、有時挑釁獨立,他對提升台灣國際主權的做法,時常激怒北京當局,造成對岸進行軍演的緊張氣氛。在 1999年,接受德國之聲訪問時,李前總統提出兩岸關係定位在特殊國與國關係,就是一個例子。


    In 2018, though unsuccessfully, he called for a referendum on declaring Taiwan, not the Republic of China, as it’s formally recognized, a move that would have paved the way for sovereignty. Current Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen praised Mr. Lee’s achievements, saying in a statement, “He laid the foundation of a democracy built on pride and our own identity. His legacy will guide generations of Taiwanese to face the challenges ahead with courage.”




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