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    liaison office(名詞)聯絡辦公室

    As a counterattack against human rights activists distributing propaganda leaflets over the border into the North, North Korea blew up the Inter-Korean Liaison Office this Tuesday, further raising cross-border tensions on the peninsula. A loud explosion could be heard from the South Korean side of the border. The liaison office had been set up as part of the Panmunjom Declaration, signed by leaders of both sides in April, 2018. The office had effectively served as the focus of communication between the two governments and its destruction signifies the North is now pushing ahead with “cutting off all communication liaison lines between the North and South.”



    Experts on the relationships of the Korean peninsula assume that more belligerent actions will be taken from now by Kim’s regime to test the South’s resolve and defenses. Leonid Petrov, a professor of Korean Studies, says “By blowing up the liaison office, the North is saying that there is no need to communicate with the South anymore. I suspect they may soon start testing weapons again, and even possibly nuclear warheads.”

    研究朝鮮半島關係的專家們指出,金正恩政府將會做出更多挑釁舉動來測試南韓的防禦底線。長期專注兩韓議題的Leonid Petrov教授指出,炸掉聯絡辦公室顯示北韓不想再與南韓對話,他們甚至有可能重啟核武測試。


    South Korean convened an emergency meeting on Tuesday afternoon, with troops ordered to step up surveillance of the North, getting prepared for further provocations in the tense border area. The South Korean government has reiterated that it intends to stand by the terms of the agreement and has called on Pyongyang to do the same.


    rally-round-the-flag effect(名詞)聚旗效應

    Daniel Pinkston, a professor of international relations at the Seoul campus of Troy University believes that the North’s new-found bellicosity is for domestic consumption, adding that this act from Kim’s regime may be a rally-round-the-flag effort, presenting the North Korean population with external enemies and tensions to deflect the discontent from internal food shortages and falling living standards.

    Troy大學國際關係教授Daniel Pinkston則相信此舉可能是北韓利用挑釁行為來轉移民眾注意力,而達到旗聚效應的做法。刻意製造國家共同對外敵人及緊張氣氛,來轉移國內對糧食不足及低落生活水平的不滿。



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