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    Social distancing(名詞) 社交距離

    As the world is implementing social distancing rule, a key question to ask is exactly how far would be safe, given how little is known about how far the virus can spread. Though people in different countries observe different recommendations, a simple guide is that the farther from the crowd, the less the risk. The World Health Organization says that a distance of one meter is safe, while others suggest 1.5m or 1.8m or even 2m, as what is observed in UK. Besides social distancing, we have to take into account timing, which can really make a difference. "Spending two seconds one meter apart is as dangerous as spending one minute two meters apart," says a leading scientist from UK.

    當全世界都在實施保持社交距離時,一個重要的關鍵問題是到底要距離多遠才安全? 前提是我們對這種病毒到底能傳多遠所知並不多。雖然不同國家的人們遵守不同的社交距離建議,一個顯而易懂的原則就是----離人群越遠越安全。世界衛生組織說保持一公尺就OK,而有些地方則建議1.5或1.8公尺,甚至像英國建議保持2公尺距離。除了社交距離要顧,我們同時也要將時間考慮進去。一位英國科學家就說,與具傳染力的人保持一公尺距離持續兩秒鐘,其實是和他距離兩公尺持續一分鐘,一樣的危險。

    transmission(名詞) 傳播;傳染

    The two-meter distancing rule can be traced back to research in the 1930s, when scientists established that droplets of liquid released by coughs or sneeze will either evaporate quickly in the air or be dragged by gravity down within one to two meters. Having the virus coughed at you from close range or touching an infected surface are the main routes of virus transmission.



    MIT Professor Lydia Bourouiba used high-speed cameras to capture a cough projecting miniature specks as far as six meters. With such evidence, she is critical of the current safety guidance: "Having this false idea of safety at one to two meters - that somehow drops will just fall to the ground at that distance - is not based on what we have quantified, measured and visualized directly." However, we don’t have to overreact because what's still not established is whether any virus that spreads further than two meters can still be infectious.

    麻省理工學院教授Lydia Bourouiba以高速攝影機捕捉到咳嗽噴出的液體微粒,其實可噴射至六公尺之遠。有著這樣的科學證據,她批評現今的社交距離規範與她實際測量到的數據有著極大差距。然而,我們也毋須過度反應,因為迄今為止尚未有科學證據顯示,當病毒傳播至超過兩公尺外仍具有傳染力。



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