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    Plastic straws, invented in the 1960s, are a product that we use for a few minutes before tossing them away, ending up escaping into waterways. It is estimated that there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish in just three decades. Now designers are inspired by the anti-straw activism and come up with a straw as compostable as the original rye one hundred and fifty years ago. The straw is called Lolistraw with the following feature---When you’re done sipping your drink, you can eat the straw.


    dissolve(動詞)分解; 溶解

    The straws are made from a new seaweed-based material that’s more like plastic, but can be made with a flavor or with added nutrients. “We are not telling the consumer that they can’t have their straw. We’re providing them a solution to the plastic straw crisis while also giving them a fun experience. It’s about having fun and being sustainable at the same time,” says Chelsea Briganti, one of the cofounders of Loliware. For those who don’t want to eat the straw, it can break down as easily as something like a banana peel, which dissolve if they happen to end up in the ocean.

    這吸管是用一種以海草為基底的材料製成,可以添加不同口味和營養成分。「我們不是要消費者停止使用吸管。我們是提供他們一個對抗塑膠危機的解方,同時也給他們吃東西時的樂趣。這是在飲食樂趣與生態永續發展之間取得平衡。」Loliware的創辦人之一的Chelsea Briganti這麼說。對於不願意吃下吸管的人,也沒問題,這些吸管可以像香蕉皮般分解,當他們流進海中時,會分解而不會造成塑膠汙染。





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