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    face the music 面對現實

    A Day of Misfortune
    Dear Jenny:
    …There was no possibility of taking a taxi because I’m on my beam ends until pay day next week. I seriously thought of calling the office to say I was sick, but I decided to go in and face the music…. 


     片語: face the music 面對現實
     定義:to accept responsibility for doing something and be prepared to accept the consequences, such as punishment or criticism.
     例句:
    1. Tom was caught playing truant by the principal and is now going to have to face the music.
    Tom 被校長抓到曠課,他現在必須面對現實、接受懲罰。
    2. The government is reponsible for the poor state for the economy and their MPs must face the music at the forth-coming general election.
    政府必須對現階段貧困的經濟狀況負責任,而他們的國會議員們則要面對即將到來的選舉。(MPs = Member of Parliament 國會議員)




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