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    本單元有「教育ABC」 及「閱讀越懂閩客語」兩小單元,每周由專業的老師提供英語單字、造句及閩客語的字彙及文章,供讀者學習新語言。

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    A Day of Misfortune

    Dear Jenny:
    I’ve just got back from work and I’ve had a really bad hair day. For starters, I got up late. I must have switched off my alarm clock when it went off and I didn’t wake up till an hour later. Panic stations! Instead of having a leisurely bath, washing my hair, choosing my clothes carefully and having a nourishing breakfast, I climbed into yesteday’s clothes, grabbed a couple of biscuits and headed for the door.

     片語: Panic stations! 緊急狀況、真是慌亂啊、真叫人手忙腳亂
     定義:used to indicate some form of emergency which requires quick aciton; sometimes used in humourous contexts.
     例句:
    1. Panic stations! I’ve just discovered that my plane leaves an hour earlier than I thought and I haven’t packed yet.

    2. Panic stations! My parents are due back in two hours and we need to clear up after the party.


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