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    the victims of our own success 自作自受、自身成功的犧牲品自討苦吃

    A Letter of Apology
    A chief executive replies to a letter of complaint
                                                             15 April, 2019
    Dear Mrs. Wood,
    Our entire range of furniture, and especially the sofa beds, sold like hot cakes. This meant that, to some extent, we were the victims of our own success. We simply did not have enough stock in our warehouses to meet the extraordinary demand. We had been prepared for the race against time to get all the orders fulfilled before Christmas, but not with the lack of product.

      片語: the victims of our own success 自作自受、自身成功的犧牲品自討苦吃
     定義:to indicate that success has brought someone unexpected disdvantages as well as advantages. 意味著某件成功的事件同時也帶來意外的缺點
     例句:
    1. Jon is the victim of her own success; she started off making clothes at home for a few friends to make some extra money and now she has far more orders than she can possibly cope with.

    2. Bob’s first novel got good reviews but he is a victim of his own success; now the publishers want him to write another one by the end of the year, but he just doesn’t have the time to do so.



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