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    pie in the sky 不切實際、如空中閣樓

    A disappointment – A letter of complaint from a dissatisfied customer.
    Dear Mr. Blake:
    You are the chief executive of the company and the buck stops there. I have left no stone unturned in my attempts to find out what has happened to the furniture and when it will arrive. I am now seekinig an explanation from you. If your pre-Christmas advertisements were, in fact, just pie in the sky, then please have the honesty to say so and refund my money.


     片語: pie in the sky  不切實際、如空中閣樓
     定義: used to refer to the promise of some kind of advantage or success which will never actually happen.
     例句:
    1. David says that he’s going to save up and go on a round-the-world trip, but it’s all pie in the sky; he has very little spare money and he spends all of that on his social life.

    2. Jean’s father talked of one day owning a whole chain of restaurants, but it was just pie in the sky; when he died all he owned was the local fish-and-chip shop.




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