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    it is the same story 還是類似的狀況

    A disappointment – A letter of complaint from a dissatisfied customer.
    Dear Mr. Blake:
    Having waited several hours for this phone call, which never came, I once again called the helpline, but it was the same story as before. The line was engaged for hours and, when I did eventually get through, I was told that the person who could deal with my complaint was not available. This time I asked for this person’s name and phoned him back only to discover it was his day off. I spent several days going from pillar to post without getting an explanation or an apology for the non-arrival of the sofa beds.

     片語: it is the same story 還是類似的狀況
     定義:it is a similar situation
     例句:
    1. Our local garage had no petrol; we tried the one in the next town, but it was the same story there.
    2. Our hotel has no vacancies and I think you’ll find it’s the same story everywhere in the area; there’s a big international conference being held in the town recently.
    3. Last year Bill promised Meg faithfully that he would give up smoking, but it was the same story; he stopped for a few days and then started again.



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