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    Some prestigious US universities are currently getting involved in a scandal in which wealthy parents use cheating and bribery to get their children into elite colleges. For some cases, the scheme began as early as sophomore year in high school. With the help of William “Rick” Singer, the Los Angeles college counselor, students were given answers to college admission tests, flew across the country to take tests, or were asked to “act stupid” to be allowed for extended time on tests.



    The accused mastermind of the scheme, Singer, allegedly boasted to parents that he had gotten nearly 800 students into colleges through what he called the “side door.” Some students who have worked with Singer called the allegations “very mind-blowing and troubling” and didn’t want to comment.



    On the other hand, some students appeared to actively participate in the cheating. One example in the spotlight is Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19, daughter of actress Lori Laughlin. She got into USC last year as a member of the rowing team despite not having any rowing experience. “This case is about the widening corruption of elite college admissions through the steady application of wealth combined with fraud,” said US Attorney Andrew Lelling.

    而另一方面,有些學生則似乎對入學弊案知情,且有意識參與其中。一個十分顯目的例子是女星Lori Laughlin的十九歲女兒。她在去年以划船隊成員身分獲名校USC入取,但事實上,她一點划船經驗都沒有。麻省聯邦檢察官Andrew Lelling便直接表示,這樁案件呈現出頂尖學府入學申請制度腐敗現象日益擴大,財富裡挾著詐欺。



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