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    preen v. 精心打扮; (鳥類)用喙整理

    In the last few years, some fruit and vegetables conquered the world stage and become the A-listers of the food industry. Avocados and the dark leafy kales are two perfect examples. Many factors fuel the trend of certain food’s favorability: preened and pretty Instagram pictures of the dish, the endorsement of celebrities, or advertisement funded by organizations that back certain food economies. Sometimes, exotic histories also generate an allure around certain foods, said Jessica Loyer, a researcher in food values at the University of Adelaide.

    近幾年來,有些蔬菜水果正火紅,成為食物界的超級巨星。酪梨和深色葉菜甘藍就是最好的例子。許多因素造就這樣的食物熱潮: 如精心擺盤的社群網站食物照片、名人的背書、由某食物團體贊助的廣告效果等等。有時候,食物本身的異國情調歷史背景,也會令人對它產生強烈的吸引力,阿德萊德大學專攻食物價值的研究員Jessica Loyer如是說。

    skeptical(形容詞) 懷疑的

    Some problems, however, can also arise when a food hits the big time, especially when it is from a developing nation and the trend is taking off in developed ones. Jessica points out that high demand of a certain food means job opportunities, but it also means exploitation of land rights of marginalized people and has consequences for biodiversity. Nutritionists advise that we remain skeptical and keep in mind that no one food is a silver bullet to perfect health, regardless of how famous or nutritious it actually is. A varied diet of fruit and vegetables is always a better decision.




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