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    In a firm demand to improve flight conditions, the Pilots Union Taoyuan organized a strike that came in the middle of the Lunar New Year travel rush. The strike has consequently forced Taiwan carrier China Airlines (CAL) to cancel more than 160 flights, affecting over 27,000 passengers. More than 600 pilots from the union have taken part in the strike, asking for more deployment of pilots for health and flight safety as well as transparent co-pilot training and promotion.



    The union also requests CAL to halve the ratio of foreign pilots from the current 10 per cent to 5 per cent within the next three years. After nearly 11 hours of talks during the fourth round of negotiations on Feb. 14, the two sides reached an agreement on the five major demands raised by pilots. The pilots agreed not to strike again before Aug. 31, 2022 based on the collective agreement.




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