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    leave someone high and dry 讓人處於手足無措、忐忑不安的狀態

    A disappointment – A letter of complaint from a dissatisfied customer.
    Dear Mr. Blake:
    I am writing to complain in the strongest possible terms about the non-arrival of the two sofa beds which I ordered from your firm. Your extensive advertising material stated quite clearly that all orders received by the middle of Novemeber would be processed before Christmas. I had several guests over the Christmas period and the non-arrival of the sofa beds left me high and dry with nowhere for the guests to sleep.

     片語: leave someone high and dry 讓人處於手足無措、忐忑不安的狀態
     定義:to leave someone in a very difficult position which makes them more or less helpless. 讓某人處於不安、無助的狀態;最初是運用在船隻擱淺或是拋錨的時刻。
     例句:
    1. Dad was meant to pick me up at the station, but he forgot and I was left high and dry. The last bus had gone and I had no money for a taxi.


    2. Jenny had a summer job as a waitress, but she simply walked out one day, leaving her employers high and dry at their busiest time of year without any hope of finding a replacement at short notice.




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