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    本單元有「教育ABC」 及「閱讀越懂閩客語」兩小單元,每周由專業的老師提供英語單字、造句及閩客語的字彙及文章,供讀者學習新語言。

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    peace and quiet  絕對安靜

    You must try to work out a study timetable and stick to it. You also need to make sure that you have peace and quiet to work in. If some of you find it difficult to find the right study conditions at home── perhaps you may have rather noisy younger brothers and sisters── then we will be happy to let you stay on after the official end of the schoolday and provide you with a quiet place to study.

    片語: peace and quiet 絕對安靜
    相似詞:safe and sound
    定義:quiet sourroundings, used for emphasis  平靜的情境
    1. I need to study and it’s impossible to get any peace and quiet around here. 
    2. There won’t be much peace and quiet on holiday; my sister is bringing her three children with her.



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