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    put your back into it 全力以赴

    It is important to understand that, if you start working hard now, it is not too late. You must not simply throw in the towel at this stage and think that you have no chance of success. Provided that you are prepared to put your back into it, there is still enough time to get the required amount of work done. However, you must start now. Don’t decide to put the whole thing off until tomorrow.
     片語: put your back into it  全力以赴
     相似詞:put your shoulder to the wheel(wheel 輪子)
     定義:work as hard as you can at something
     例句:
    1.If we really put our backs into redecorating this room, we should finish it in a day.
    2. We need to get this house cleaned up before my parents get back; come on, put your backs into it!





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