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    本單元有「教育ABC」 及「閱讀越懂閩客語」兩小單元,每周由專業的老師提供英語單字、造句及閩客語的字彙及文章,供讀者學習新語言。

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    During the past four weeks, a throng of furious protesters, feeling swallowed under an avalanche of taxes, put on their “gilets jaunes” and took to the street shouting their grievance against fuel tax rises, unbearable living costs and other issues. The movement cuts across age, job and region, forcing a total reorientation of French social and economic policy.


    tax concession(名詞)稅務減免; 稅務優惠

    In response to weeks of violent protests, France’s President Emmanuel Macron has promised a minimum wage rise and tax concession. Despite the deaths of four people and injuries to hundreds more, the French people overwhelmingly support the protests, with 78% of whom polled believing the yellow vests are fighting for France’s general interest. The yellow-vest movement appears as one of the most successful protest movements of modern times.




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