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    severance package(名詞)資遣費

    An article in The New York Times, revealing that Google had paid millions of dollars in severance package to male executives accused of misconduct, prompted its employees worldwide to protest the internet giant’s handling of sexual harassment.
    Protesters carried signs that said, “O.K. Google, really?” and chanted, “Stand up! Fight back!” in various locations around the globe.

    一篇紐約時報的文章,揭露有Android之父之稱的Andy Rubin在向公司內部員工進行不當騷擾後,公司讓他離職,但卻支付他高達九千萬美元的資遣費。此文一出,讓全世界各地的Google員工深感不滿,進而推動全球性的罷工抗議。全球各地抗議者高舉 “Google O.K. 嗎?” 等標語,並大聲說出: 大家站出來,一起反抗!


    Meredith Whittaker, a Google employee who helped organize the walkout, shouted through megaphone the company’s “pattern of unethical and thoughtless decision-making.” Some people walk out because Google had treated female workers inequitably over time, while some were outraged that Google had paid Andy Rubin, the creator of the Android mobile software, a $90 million exit package given that the harassment accusation against him was quite credible.

    Google的資深員工Meredith Whittaker是策劃此次抗議活動的核心人物,她透過大聲公提醒公司不道德及輕率的決策行為。有些人走上街頭是因為看不慣Google長期以來對女性員工的不公平對待,而有些人則對Google試圖替Andy Rubin掩蓋醜聞感到怒火中燒。

    sexual harassment(名詞)性騷擾

    Many were disappointed that Google had not lived up to the high bar it set for itself. The walkouts, which started in Asia and spread across continents, were planned for around 11 a.m. in local time zones. A list of demands for changing how Google handles sexual harassment was made, including publication of a transparency report on cases of sexual harassment, further disclosures of salaries and compensation, and an employee representative on the company board.





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