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    pop the question  求婚

    We heard about it last night at Rose’s birthday party. It was a fantastic party with lots to eat and drink and some great music. We were all having a brilliant time, when Mark suddenly got to his feet and started speaking. It took him a while to get everyong to stop talking and listen to him, but he announced that he had decided to make an honest woman of Rose and that he popped the question the previous evening.

    片語: pop the question 求婚
     定義:to ask someone to marry you
     例句:
    1. Leo said to Alice that he has something important to say to her and she’s sure that he’s going to pop the question.
    2. Phil is a very romantic person and got down on one knee to pop the question to Kate.
     (Phil 是一個很浪漫的人,所以他單腳跪地向Kate求婚。)
     替代用法:propose to someone、ask someone to marry you
    e.g. Anita said that since it was a leap year, she was going to propose to Tom.
    e.g. Liz said that she was amazed when Jack asked her to marry him because they’d only known each other for two months.



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